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Rotor balancing

Rotor balancing

At Burnley Balancing we can balance almost anything that rotates, from motor armatures and turbine shafts to agricultural flails.

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Industrial blower fan balancing

Fan balancing

We can eliminate fan unbalance, reducing the vibration that causes excessive noise and shortens the life of your equipment.

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Pump impeller balancing

Impeller balancing

We're able to balance impeller rotors and shafts in order to reduce vibration and the premature wear of bearings and rings.

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Propeller balancing

Propeller balancing

Our balancing service reduces vibration in aviation and marine propellers, significantly lowering the risk of catastrophic failure.

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Machinery shaft balancing

Shaft balancing

We balance shafts used in a variety of industrial systems, ensuring reduced vibration and the smooth running of your machinery.

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Gas turbine balancing

Turbine balancing

We're able to balance steam and gas turbines as well as generator rotors, helping you reduce maintainence costs and maintain efficiency.

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Flywheel balancing

Flywheel balancing

We can balance flywheels used in various automotive and industrial contexts, ensuring reduced vibration and high performance operation.

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Industrial roller balancing

Roller balancing

We are experts in the balancing of industrial rollers to ensure efficient operation and reduce the risk of plant downtime.

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What our clients say

Since 2002 we've developed a reputation locally and nationwide for providing outstanding static and dynamic balancing services, with emphasis on precision, efficiency and clear communication.

  • Maintenance Manager

    Maintenance Manager

    Energy industry

    Burnley Balancing have been balancing various rotors for us for over a decade now and we're looking to continue that relationship. Their attention to detail and quick turnaround is second-to-none.

  • Operations Manager

    Operations Manager

    Aerospace industry

    Many of the machines at our two facilities have shafts and other rotors that require dynamic balancing from time to time, and Burnley Balancing have performed that task admirably.

  • Production Manager

    Production Manager

    Manufacturing industry

    Our rollers require regular balancing to reduce vibration and prevent secondary damage to other components. Nathan and the team are excellent engineers and that's reflected in the quality of the service we receive.

Experienced balancing engineers

From one-off agricultural balancing jobs to large-scale batch jobs for clients in the nuclear industry, the expert team at Burnley Balancing are ready to help.

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